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This diagram, originally by Chao-Kuei and updated by several others since, explains the different categories of software. It's available as a <a href="/philosophy/category.svg">Scalable Vector Graphic</a> and as an <a href="/philosophy/category.fig">XFig document</a>, under the terms of any of the GNU GPL v2 or later, the GNU FDL v1.2 or later, or the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike v2.0 or later. 
本图最初由 Chao-Kuei 创作并且经过其他人的更新,解释了不同类别的软件之间的区别。它有<a href="/philosophy/category.svg">矢量图版</a>(以及<a href="/philosophy/category.zh-cn.svg">中文矢量图版</a>)以及<a href="/philosophy/category.fig">XFig 格式版本</a>。本图采用 GNU 通用公共许可证(GNU GPL)2.0 或更高版本、GNU 自由文档许可证(GNU FDL)1.2 或更高版本、或者创作共用-署名-相同方式共享(CC BY-SA)许可证 2.0 或更高版本。 
The <a href="">X Window System</a> illustrates this. The X Consortium released X11 with distribution terms that made it noncopylefted free software, and subsequent developers have mostly followed the same practice. A copy which has those distribution terms is free software. However, there are nonfree versions as well, and there are (or at least were) popular workstations and PC graphics boards for which nonfree versions are the only ones that work. If you are using this hardware, X11 is not free software for you. <a href="/philosophy/x.html">The developers of X11 even made X11 nonfree</a> for a while; they were able to do this because others had contributed their code under the same noncopyleft license. 
<a href="">X Window 系统</a>阐释了这一点。X 联盟将 X11 以某种非 copyleft 发布条款发布,使其成为非 copyleft 的自由软件,并且后续开发者几乎沿用了相同的方式。一份带有此类发布条款的副本是自由软件。然而,也有专有版本的存在,并且确实有(或者至少确实曾经有)流行的用于工作站或个人计算机(PC)的图形显示卡仅支持专有版本。如果您使用的是这类硬件,那么 X11 对您来说不是自由软件。<a href="/philosophy/x.html">X11 的开发者甚至曾经在一段时期将 X11 作为专有软件发布</a>;他们之所以能够如此,是由于其他人使用相同的非 copyleft 许可证贡献了他们的代码。 
Some GNU software was written by <a href="">staff</a> of the <a href="">Free Software Foundation</a>, but most GNU software comes from many <a href="/people/people.html">volunteers</a>. (Some of these volunteers are paid by companies or universities, but they are volunteers for us.) Some contributed software is copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation; some is copyrighted by the contributors who wrote it. 
有些 GNU 软件是由<a href="">自由软件基金会(FSF)</a><a href="">员工</a>所编写的,但是大部分 GNU 软件来自众多<a href="/people/people.html">志愿者</a>(某些志愿者由商业公司或者大学支付薪酬,但他们确实是我们的志愿者)。某些贡献的软件由 FSF 拥有版权,有些由编写它们的贡献者拥有版权。 
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