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The power to make laws is being transferred from elected legislatures to nondemocratic bodies such as the <a href=""> World Trade Organization</a>, which was designed <a href=""> to subordinate public health, environmental protection, labor standards, and the general standard of living to the interests of business</a>. Under <a href=""> NAFTA [North American Free Trade Associtation]</a>, a Canadian company which was convicted in Mississippi of anticompetitive practices is <a href="">suing</a> for Federal compensation for its lost business due to the conviction. They claim that NAFTA takes away states' right to make laws against anticompetitive practices. 
制订法律的权利正在由选举产生的立法机构向非民主的实体如<a href="">世界贸易组织</a>转移,而它就是被设计出来<a href="">为了商业利益去控制公共财富、环境保护、劳动标准、以及生活标准</a>。根据<a href="">NAFTA[北美自由贸易协定]</a>,一家因反竞争行为被密西西比州判决有罪的加拿大公司正在向联邦<a href="">提起上诉</a>,要求补偿该判决对其所造成的商业损失。他们声称北美自由贸易协定剥夺了各州制订法律防止反竞争行为的权利。 
Stallman did not respond to this query for clarification, but as it happened, a <a href="/philosophy/rms-nyu-2001-transcript.html">speech</a> he recently presented at New York University responded to Microsoft's propaganda. The Free Software Foundation has presented a <a href="/press/2001-05-04-GPL.html">defense</a>, of free software, as well. 
Stallman 并没有明确的回答这个问题,但是正如已经发生的,他最近在纽约大学进行的一次 <a href="/philosophy/rms-nyu-2001-transcript.txt">演讲</a> 对微软的宣传作出了回应。自由软件基金会也对自由软件作出了 <a href="/press/2001-05-04-GPL.html">辩护</a>。 
In the age of the printing press, that was true: <a href="">copyright</a> was an industrial restriction on publishers, requiring them to pay the author of a book. It did not restrict the readers, because the actions it restricted were things only a publisher could do. 
在印刷出版的年代,这是正确的:<a href="">版权</a> 是对出版商的一项工业限制,要求他们付酬给书的作者。它并没有限制读者,因为它所限制的行为是只有出版商才力所能为的。 
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<li id="TransNote1">Richard Stallman本人<a href="/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.html">从来不支持&ldquo;开源&rdquo;</a>。</li>
<li id="TransNote2">FUD,恐惧(Fear)、不确定(Uncertainty)和怀疑(Doubt)。</li>
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