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Some of the supporters of open source considered the term a &ldquo;marketing campaign for free software,&rdquo; which would appeal to business executives by highlighting the software's practical benefits, while not raising issues of right and wrong that they might not like to hear. Other supporters flatly rejected the free software movement's ethical and social values. Whichever their views, when campaigning for open source, they neither cited nor advocated those values. The term &ldquo;open source&rdquo; quickly became associated with ideas and arguments based only on practical values, such as making or having powerful, reliable software. Most of the supporters of open source have come to it since then, and they make the same association. Most discussion of &ldquo;open source&rdquo; pays no attention to right and wrong, only to popularity and success; here's a <a href=""> typical example</a>. A minority of supporters of open source do nowadays say freedom is part of the issue, but they are not very visible among the many that don't. 
一些开源的支持者会认为,所谓开源,无非是用来&ldquo;为自由软件做市场营销&rdquo;的。具体说来,就是向那些商界人士展现自由软件的实际好处。同时避免谈及什么对错正误,因为商业大佬们普遍不太喜欢这调调。还有一些开源的支持者干脆就抛弃自由软件的道德观和社会价值。无论他们持哪种观点,一旦他们开始为开源营销的时候,自由软件运动所珍视的那些价值观就被抛诸脑后。于是,&ldquo;开源&rdquo;一词很快就单纯地和各种实用主义的价值观联系起来。比如说怎么能创造一个强大、稳定的软件。很多开源支持者从一开始就把这些价值观推崇至极,也难怪局外人会有如此联系了。大多数&ldquo;开源&rdquo;的讨论都绝口不谈是非对错,而只是讨论流行与成功;请看<a href="">一个具体的实例</a>。现在,少数开源的支持者也把自由作为一个问题来讨论,但是他们的影响好似沧海一粟。 
Under pressure from the movie and record companies, software for individuals to use is increasingly designed specifically to restrict them. This malicious feature is known as Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) (see <a href=""></a>) and is the antithesis in spirit of the freedom that free software aims to provide. And not just in spirit: since the goal of DRM is to trample your freedom, DRM developers try to make it hard, impossible, or even illegal for you to change the software that implements the DRM. 
迫于电影和唱片公司的压力,越来越多的个人软件被设计得有意限制用户的行为。这种恶意功能的官方讲法是<em>数字版权管理</em>(参见<a href=""></a>)。这种功能与自由软件的核心精神完全背道而驰。说起来,这已然不仅是精神层面背道而驰了,在实际操作上,DRM 的开发者们试图让用户无法修改软件,甚至将此视为违法行为。 
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