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An unnamed U.S. government official ominously told journalists in 2011 that the <a href="">U.S. would not subpoena reporters because &ldquo;We know who you're talking to.&rdquo;</a> Sometimes <a href="">journalists' phone call records are subpoenaed</a> to find this out, but Snowden has shown us that in effect they subpoena all the phone call records of everyone in the U.S., all the time, <a href="">from Verizon</a> and <a href="">from other companies too</a>. 
在2011年,某美国政府官员幸灾乐祸地告诉记者<a href="">美国政府不会传唤报告者,因为&ldquo;我们知道你和谁谈过。&rdquo;</a>有时,<a href="">记者的通话记录会被调取</a>以查明通话人,但是Snowden向我们展示了其实美国所有人的通话记录都被调取,随时调取,<a href="">从Verizon</a>和<a href="">其他公司</a>。 
Internet-connected cameras often have lousy digital security themselves, which means <a href="">anyone can watch what those cameras see</a>. This makes internet-connected cameras a major threat to security as well as privacy. For privacy's sake, we should ban the use of Internet-connected cameras aimed where and when the public is admitted, except when carried by people. Everyone must be free to post photos and video recordings occasionally, but the systematic accumulation of such data on the Internet must be limited. 
网络摄像头本身的数字安全性通常很差劲,<a href="">任何人都可以查看这些摄像头在观察什么</a>。这使网络摄像头成为安全和隐私的主要威胁。为了保护隐私,我们应该禁止针对公众行踪的网络摄像头,除了那些人们随身携带的摄像设备。人们必须有自由间或发布一些照片和视频,但是在网络上系统收集此类数据的行为必须受到限制。 
The NSA, through PRISM, has <a href="">gotten into the databases of many large Internet corporations</a>. AT&amp;T has saved all its phone call records since 1987 and <a href="">makes them available to the DEA</a> to search on request. Strictly speaking, the U.S. government does not possess that data, but in practical terms it may as well possess it. Some companies are praised for <a href="">resisting government data requests to the limited extent they can</a>, but that can only partly compensate for the harm they do to by collecting that data in the first place. In addition, many of those companies misuse the data directly or provide it to data brokers. 
NSA,通过PRISM<sup><a href="#TransNote7">7</a></sup>,可以<a href="">进入许多大型网络集团的数据库</a>。AT&amp;T保存着自1987年以来的电话记录并<a href="">让DEA<sup><a href="#TransNote8">8</a></sup>有权</a>按需查询。严格来说,美国政府不拥有这些数据,但实际上它就算拥有这些数据。某些公司由于<a href="">尽量阻挡政府调取数据的请求</a>而受到赞扬,但是这只能部分补偿其首先收集数据带来的伤害。另外,很多此类公司自己也直接滥用这些数据或者卖给数据掮客。 
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