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Packages that use Pair
gnu.prolog.demo.mentalarithmetic This package contains a simple demo program showing how to use gnu.prolog in java programs in order to do backtracking search. 

Uses of Pair in gnu.prolog.database

Fields in gnu.prolog.database with type parameters of type Pair
protected  List<Pair<PrologTextLoaderError,Term>> Module.initialization

Methods in gnu.prolog.database that return types with arguments of type Pair
 List<Pair<PrologTextLoaderError,Term>> Module.getInitialization()
          get initaliztion

Uses of Pair in gnu.prolog.demo.mentalarithmetic

Methods in gnu.prolog.demo.mentalarithmetic that return Pair
static Pair<String,Integer> MentalArithmetic.generateQuestion(int limit, int length)

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