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gnu.prolog.database This package contains the TermParser.jj file which is used by javacc to generate the parser found in

Uses of OperatorSet in gnu.prolog.database

Fields in gnu.prolog.database declared as OperatorSet
protected  OperatorSet PrologTextLoader.operatorSet
          operator set

Uses of OperatorSet in

Fields in declared as OperatorSet
protected static OperatorSet TermReader.defaultOperatorSet
protected static OperatorSet TermWriter.defaultOperatorSet

Methods in with parameters of type OperatorSet
protected static boolean TermWriter.isOperator(OperatorSet set, AtomTerm term)
 void TermWriter.print(OperatorSet opSet, Term term)
          print term using default write options and specified operator set
 Term TermReader.readTerm(OperatorSet set)
 Term TermReader.readTermEof(OperatorSet set)

Constructors in with parameters of type OperatorSet
ReadOptions(OperatorSet opSet)
WriteOptions(OperatorSet opset)
WriteOptions(OperatorSet opset, boolean declaredVariableNames, boolean numbervars, boolean quoted)

Uses of OperatorSet in

Methods in with parameters of type OperatorSet
 boolean NameToken.isFxOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority)
 boolean NameToken.isFyOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority)
 boolean NameToken.isNonOperator(OperatorSet set)
 boolean NameToken.isOperator(OperatorSet set)
 boolean NameToken.isOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority, int specifier)
 boolean NameToken.isXfOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority)
 boolean NameToken.isXfxOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority)
 boolean NameToken.isXfyOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority)
 boolean NameToken.isYfOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority)
 boolean NameToken.isYfxOperator(OperatorSet set, int priority)

Uses of OperatorSet in gnu.prolog.vm

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm declared as OperatorSet
protected  OperatorSet Environment.opSet

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm that return OperatorSet
 OperatorSet Environment.getOperatorSet()

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