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Packages that use AtomicTerm
gnu.prolog.term Contains the various types of Term that can be used. 
gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter InterpretedCodeCompiler uses the various classes beginning with I and extending Instruction in the instruction sub-package to compile clauses to InterpretedByteCode

Uses of AtomicTerm in gnu.prolog.term

Subclasses of AtomicTerm in gnu.prolog.term
 class AtomTerm
          Atom term.
 class FloatTerm
          floating point number term
 class IntegerTerm
          32bit Integer term.
 class JavaObjectTerm
          Term which is embedding JavaObject This term should never participate in text IO operations.
 class NumericTerm

Uses of AtomicTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter declared as AtomicTerm
protected  AtomicTerm[] InterpretedByteCode.constants
          constants used by code

Method parameters in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with type arguments of type AtomicTerm
protected  void InterpretedByteCode.pass1(Instruction[] isrc, int[] ipos, Map<CompoundTermTag,Integer> tag2idx, Map<AtomicTerm,Integer> constant2idx)
protected  void InterpretedByteCode.pass2(Instruction[] isrc, int[] ipos, Map<CompoundTermTag,Integer> tag2idx, Map<AtomicTerm,Integer> constant2idx)

Uses of AtomicTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter.instruction

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter.instruction declared as AtomicTerm
 AtomicTerm IPushConstant.term
          term to push

Constructors in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter.instruction with parameters of type AtomicTerm
IPushConstant(AtomicTerm term)
          a constructor

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