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gnu.prolog.term Contains the various types of Term that can be used. 

Uses of IntegerTerm in

Methods in with parameters of type IntegerTerm
protected  void TermWriter.displayInteger(WriteOptions options, IntegerTerm term)
          display integer term

Uses of IntegerTerm in

Methods in that return IntegerTerm
 IntegerTerm TermParser.integer()

Uses of IntegerTerm in gnu.prolog.term

Fields in gnu.prolog.term declared as IntegerTerm
protected static IntegerTerm[] IntegerTerm.cache
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.int_0
          0 integer term
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.int_1
          1 integer term
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.int_2
          2 integer term
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.int_3
          3 integer term
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.int_4
          4 integer term
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.int_m1
          -1 integer term
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.int_m2
          -2 integer term

Methods in gnu.prolog.term that return IntegerTerm
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.get(int val)
          get integer term equal to val
static IntegerTerm IntegerTerm.get(String str)
          get integer term using string value

Uses of IntegerTerm in gnu.prolog.vm

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm declared as IntegerTerm
static IntegerTerm Environment.maxIntegerTerm
static IntegerTerm Environment.minIntegerTerm
static IntegerTerm Environment.versionTerm

Uses of IntegerTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.termcreation

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.termcreation declared as IntegerTerm
static IntegerTerm
          constant used in predicate

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