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Packages that use VariableTerm   
gnu.prolog.term Contains the various types of Term that can be used. 
gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter InterpretedCodeCompiler uses the various classes beginning with I and extending Instruction in the instruction sub-package to compile clauses to InterpretedByteCode

Uses of VariableTerm in

Fields in with type parameters of type VariableTerm
 Map<String,VariableTerm> ReadOptions.singletons
          'singletons' ISO Prolog options it is not used currently.
 Map<String,VariableTerm> ReadOptions.variableNames
          'variable_names' ISO Prolog options

Methods in with parameters of type VariableTerm
protected  void TermWriter.displayVariable(WriteOptions options, VariableTerm variable)
          display variable term

Uses of VariableTerm in

Methods in that return VariableTerm
 VariableTerm TermParser.variable(ReadOptions options)

Uses of VariableTerm in gnu.prolog.term

Subclasses of VariableTerm in gnu.prolog.term
 class ChangeableTerm
          Terms for which the value varies depending on prolog flags extend this class.
 class DoubleQuotesTerm
          Term for storing a double quoted string as what this resolves to varies depending on the value of the double_quotes flag.

Uses of VariableTerm in gnu.prolog.vm

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm declared as VariableTerm
protected  VariableTerm[] Interpreter.variables

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm with parameters of type VariableTerm
 void Interpreter.addVariableUndo(VariableTerm variable)
          add variable undo

Uses of VariableTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.unification

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.unification with parameters of type VariableTerm
static boolean Predicate_unify_with_occurs_check.occurCheck(VariableTerm variable, Term term)
          preform occur check on variable

Uses of VariableTerm in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter

Method parameters in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with type arguments of type VariableTerm
static Term Predicate_call.getClause(Term term, Map<Term,VariableTerm> argumentsToArgumentVariables)
          convert callable term to clause

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