GNU Prolog for Java

Uses of Interface

Packages that use PrologCode
gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter InterpretedCodeCompiler uses the various classes beginning with I and extending Instruction in the instruction sub-package to compile clauses to InterpretedByteCode

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm that implement PrologCode
 class ExecuteOnlyCode
          For Predicates which do not need to be installed or uninstalled.
 class UndefinedPredicateCode
          prolog code

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm declared as PrologCode
protected  PrologCode Environment.undefinedPredicate
          predicate which used instead of real code when predicate is not defined

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm with type parameters of type PrologCode
protected  Map<CompoundTermTag,PrologCode> Environment.tag2code
          PredicateTag to code mapping

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm that return PrologCode
 PrologCode Environment.getPrologCode(CompoundTermTag tag)
          get prolog code
 PrologCode Environment.getUndefinedPredicateCode(CompoundTermTag tag)
          get undefined predicate code
 PrologCode Environment.loadPrologCode(CompoundTermTag tag)
          load code for prolog

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.allsolutions

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.allsolutions that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_bagof
          prolog code
 class Predicate_findall
          prolog code
 class Predicate_setof
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.arithmetics

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.arithmetics that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_equal
          prolog code
 class Predicate_greater_than
          prolog code
 class Predicate_greater_than_or_equal
          prolog code
 class Predicate_is
          prolog code
 class Predicate_less_than
          prolog code
 class Predicate_less_than_or_equal
          prolog code
 class Predicate_not_equal
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.atomicterms

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.atomicterms that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_atom_chars
          prolog code
 class Predicate_atom_codes
          prolog code
 class Predicate_atom_concat
          prolog code
 class Predicate_atom_length
          prolog code
 class Predicate_char_code
          prolog code
 class Predicate_number_chars
          prolog code
 class Predicate_number_codes
          prolog code
 class Predicate_sub_atom
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.database

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.database that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_abolish
          prolog code
 class Predicate_assert
          prolog code
 class Predicate_asserta
          prolog code
 class Predicate_assertz
          prolog code
 class Predicate_clause
          prolog code
 class Predicate_current_predicate
          prolog code
 class Predicate_retract
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.datetime

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.datetime that implement PrologCode
 class DateTimePrologCode
 class Predicate_date_time_stamp
 class Predicate_date_time_value
 class Predicate_format_time
 class Predicate_get_time
 class Predicate_parse_time
 class Predicate_stamp_date_time

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.debug

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.debug that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_debugging
 class Predicate_nospy
          Remove a trace point
 class Predicate_nospyall
          Remove all tracepoints
 class Predicate_notrace
          Disable tracing
 class Predicate_spy
          Set a trace point
 class Predicate_trace
          Enable tracing
 class Predicate_tracing
          Check if tracing

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.dialogs

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.dialogs that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_confirm
 class Predicate_dialog
 class Predicate_file_open
 class Predicate_file_save
 class Predicate_message
 class Predicate_prompt

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.imphooks

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.imphooks that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_current_prolog_flag
          prolog code
 class Predicate_halt
          prolog code
 class Predicate_set_prolog_flag
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in

Classes in that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_at_end_of_stream
          prolog code
 class Predicate_char_conversion
 class Predicate_close
          prolog code
 class Predicate_current_char_conversion
 class Predicate_current_input
          prolog code
 class Predicate_current_op
          prolog code
 class Predicate_current_output
          prolog code
 class Predicate_ensure_loaded
          NONISO but in SWI-Prolog, not in GNU Prolog (even in its ISO usage).
 class Predicate_flush_output
          prolog code
 class Predicate_get_byte
          prolog code
 class Predicate_get_char
          prolog code
 class Predicate_op
          prolog code
 class Predicate_open
          prolog code for open/4
 class Predicate_peek_byte
          prolog code
 class Predicate_peek_char
          prolog code
 class Predicate_put_byte
          prolog code
 class Predicate_put_char
          prolog code
 class Predicate_read_term
          prolog code
 class Predicate_set_input
          prolog code
 class Predicate_set_output
          prolog code
 class Predicate_set_stream_position
          prolog code
 class Predicate_stream_property
          prolog code
 class Predicate_write_term
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in

Classes in that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_java_classname
 class Predicate_java_to_string

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.list

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.list that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_append
          TODO Does:
 class Predicate_is_list
 class Predicate_length
 class Predicate_member
 class Predicate_msort
 class Predicate_predsort
 class Predicate_sort

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.misc

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.misc that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_current_functor
 class Predicate_listing
 class Predicate_stacktrace

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.termcomparsion

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.termcomparsion that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_compare
 class Predicate_term_greater_then
          prolog code
 class Predicate_term_greater_then_or_equal
          prolog code
 class Predicate_term_identical
          prolog code
 class Predicate_term_less_then
          prolog code
 class Predicate_term_less_then_or_equal
          prolog code
 class Predicate_term_not_identical
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.termcreation

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.termcreation that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_arg
          prolog code
 class Predicate_copy_term
          prolog code
 class Predicate_functor
          prolog code
 class Predicate_univ
          prolog code

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.typetesting

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.typetesting that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_atom
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_atomic
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_compound
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_float
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_integer
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_java_object
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_nonvar
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_number
          Predicate variable
 class Predicate_var
          Predicate variable

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.unification

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.unification that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_not_unifiable
          true if two term are not unifiable
 class Predicate_unify
          Unify two terms
 class Predicate_unify_with_occurs_check
          Unify two terms occur check

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.uuid

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.buildins.uuid that implement PrologCode
 class Predicate_uuid
 class Predicate_uuid_compare
 class Predicate_uuid_variant
 class Predicate_uuid_version
 class Predicate_uuid3
 class Predicate_uuid4

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter

Classes in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter that implement PrologCode
 class InterpretedByteCode
          Interpreted Code.
 class Predicate_call
          prolog code

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter declared as PrologCode
 PrologCode CallBacktrackInfo.code
          code at moment of first call.
protected  PrologCode[] InterpretedByteCode.predicateCodes
          predicate codes used by code

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter that return PrologCode
static PrologCode InterpretedCodeCompiler.compile(List<Term> passedClauses)
          compile set of clauses to interpreted code

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with parameters of type PrologCode
 CallBacktrackInfo ExecutionState.getCallBacktrackInfo(int codePosition, Term[] args, PrologCode code, CompoundTermTag tag)
          get BacktrackInfo for call instruction.

Constructors in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with parameters of type PrologCode
CallBacktrackInfo(int undoPosition, int codePosition, Term[] args, PrologCode code, CompoundTermTag tag)
          a constructor
Predicate_call.CallTermBacktrackInfo(Interpreter in, PrologCode code, Term[] args, Term callTerm)

Uses of PrologCode in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter.instruction

Fields in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter.instruction declared as PrologCode
 PrologCode ICall.code
          code to call, if predicate is dynamic it changes after each update

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