GNU Prolog for Java

Uses of Class

Packages that use Tracer
gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter InterpretedCodeCompiler uses the various classes beginning with I and extending Instruction in the instruction sub-package to compile clauses to InterpretedByteCode

Uses of Tracer in gnu.prolog.vm

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm that return Tracer
 Tracer Interpreter.getTracer()

Uses of Tracer in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter that return Tracer
 Tracer TracerEvent.getTracer()

Constructors in gnu.prolog.vm.interpreter with parameters of type Tracer
TracerEvent(Tracer tracer, Tracer.TraceLevel level, CompoundTermTag tag, Term[] args)

GNU Prolog for Java