Brief gnuspeech History

The current state and a little history of the project are as follows. The descriptions also provides a reference for the original system components that are available in the NeXT source archive in the project SVN Repository, and to understand the scope of gnuspeech.

In summary, much of the core software has been, and some is being ported to the Mac under OS/X, and GNU/Linux under GNUStep. All sources and builds for the current work are currently in the Git repository, with older material in the SVN repository under three branches (for the Next, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux under GNUStep versions—see below). Speech may be produced from input text. The development facilities for managing and creating new language databases, or modifying the existing English database for text-to-speech lack mainly the file writing components. The gnuspeech facilities also provide the tools needed for psychophysical and linguistic experiments. TRAcT, which gives direct access to the tube model, functional—a few of the logarithmic data displays remain to be finished, and clean-up is needed. Some accessory tools are available. As well as the acknowledgements above, Greg Casamento, Adam Fedor and the Savannah Hackers provided valuable support getting the gnuspeech project established, as well as initial work that facilitated the port, including making ubiquitous and tedious changes to the entire NeXT source code to bring it up to OpenStep standards. This work and support is gratefully acknowledged. It involves a lot of effort but is largely invisible to all but the developers involved, and made the actual port to OS X and GNUStep much less painful.

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