Goose: The GNU Object-Oriented Statistics Environment

GNU Goose has been decommissioned. Please see the GNU Scientific Library. The remainder of this page is kept just for historical purposes.  [Image of a Chicago-Area Goose]

What is Goose?

Goose is a LGPLed C++ library dedicated to statistical computation. The two design goals of this project are:

A third, ancillary goal is to provide statistical functionality for Guppi, the Gnome plotting and data-visualization program. The desire for non-trivial statistics in Guppi was actually the motivation for creating Goose.

Goose is being primarily developed under GNU/Linux, but an effort is being made to insure that it is portable to both other Un*x systems and to Win32.

You should be aware that Goose is still in the early stages of development, and parts of it are prone to breakage, bugginess, and sudden, sweeping, API changes. This is Alpha software. Anyone who at this time wants to use Goose in a non-trivial way should stay in touch with the developers via the mailing list.

With that said, you should also know that the core parts of Goose are relatively stable and debugged. Goose does have a reasonable number of useful features, with more functionality being added all of the time.

Getting Goose

The current version of Goose is 0.0.11, which was released on 18 Oct 1999. It can be downloaded from (You might also want to use one of the FSF mirror sites.) A copy of the latest version can usually also be found at

RPMs are available from

Development versions of Goose currently live in the Gnome Project's CVS server. Using the anonymous CVS server, just check out goose. That server also has a nice mechanism for browsing the cross-referenced source code.

Goose's Features

The following is a list of features in Goose that should (more or less) work. Additional features may be available in the development version.

Goose's Guile bindings currently give access to

Goose Mailing List Information

The current "official" forum for discussing Goose is the guppi-list mailing list. (We still share a pretty low-traffic mailing list with Guppi.) Subscription requests should be sent to

Questions and comments can also be sent to Jon Trowbridge <>.


Goose is mainly being coded by Jon Trowbridge <>, but not without a significant amount of help from other dutiful programmers (in alphabetical order):

Goose Alternatives

Goose is just one of the GNU projects that involves statistical computation, and may not be the right tool for your job. Other useful GNU tools include:

If you are aware of any other good free statistics tools that I've omitted, please e-mail me so that I can add them to the list.

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