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4.3.7 Differences from AT&T ms

This section lists the (minor) differences between the groff -ms macros and AT&T troff -ms macros.

Register: \n[GS]

This number register is set to 1 by the groff -ms macros, but it is not used by the AT&T troff -ms macros. Documents that need to determine whether they are being formatted with AT&T troff -ms or groff -ms should use this number register.

Emulations of a few ancient Bell Labs macros can be re-enabled by calling the otherwise undocumented SC section-header macro. Calling SC enables UC for marking up a product or application name, and the pair P1/P2 for surrounding code example displays.

These are not enabled by default because (a) they were not documented, in the original ms manual, and (b) the P1 and UC macros collide with different macros with the same names in the Berkeley version of ms.

These groff emulations are sufficient to give back the 1976 Kernighan & Cherry paper Typesetting Mathematics – User’s Guide its section headings, and restore some text that had gone missing as arguments of undefined macros. No warranty express or implied is given as to how well the typographic details these produce match the original Bell Labs macros.

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