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16.3.19 cryptomount

Command: cryptomount device|-u uuid|-a|-b

Setup access to encrypted device. If necessary, passphrase is requested interactively. Option device configures specific grub device (see Naming convention); option -u uuid configures device with specified uuid; option -a configures all detected encrypted devices; option -b configures all geli containers that have boot flag set.

GRUB suports devices encrypted using LUKS, LUKS2 and geli. Note that necessary modules (luks, luks2 and geli) have to be loaded manually before this command can be used. For LUKS2 only the PBKDF2 key derivation function is supported, as Argon2 is not yet supported.

Also, note that, unlike filesystem UUIDs, UUIDs for encrypted devices must be specified without dash separators.