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17.4.49 multiboot

Command: multiboot [--quirk-bad-kludge] [--quirk-modules-after-kernel] file …

Load a multiboot kernel image from file. The rest of the line is passed verbatim as the kernel command-line. Any module must be reloaded after using this command (see module).

Some kernels have known problems. You need to specify –quirk-* for those. –quirk-bad-kludge is a problem seen in several products that they include loading kludge information with invalid data in ELF file. GRUB prior to 0.97 and some custom builds preferred ELF information while 0.97 and GRUB 2 use kludge. Use this option to ignore kludge. Known affected systems: old Solaris, SkyOS.

–quirk-modules-after-kernel is needed for kernels which load at relatively high address e.g. 16MiB mark and can’t cope with modules stuffed between 1MiB mark and beginning of the kernel. Known afftected systems: VMWare.