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17.5.8 net_dhcp

Command: net_dhcp [card]

Perform configuration of card using DHCP protocol. If no card name is specified, try to configure all existing cards. Falls back to the BOOTP protocol, if needed. If configuration was successful, interface with name card:dhcp’ and configured address is added to card. Additionally the following DHCP options are recognized and processed:

1 (Subnet Mask)

Used to calculate network local routing entry for interface card:dhcp’.

3 (Router)

Adds default route entry with the name card:dhcp:default’ via gateway from DHCP option. Note that only option with single route is accepted.

6 (Domain Name Server)

Adds all servers from option value to the list of servers used during name resolution.

12 (Host Name)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_hostname’ (see net_<interface>_hostname) to the value of option.

15 (Domain Name)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_domain’ (see net_<interface>_domain) to the value of option.

17 (Root Path)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_rootpath’ (see net_<interface>_rootpath) to the value of option.

18 (Extensions Path)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_extensionspath’ (see net_<interface>_extensionspath) to the value of option.

66 (TFTP Server Name)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_dhcp_server_name’ (see net_<interface>_dhcp_server_name) to the value of option.

67 (Filename)

Sets environment variable ‘net_<card>_boot_file’ (see net_<interface>_boot_file) to the value of option.