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17.4.53 parttool

Command: parttool partition commands

Make various modifications to partition table entries.

Each command is either a boolean option, in which case it must be followed with ‘+’ or ‘-’ (with no intervening space) to enable or disable that option, or else it takes a value in the form ‘command=value’.

Currently, parttool is only useful on DOS partition tables (also known as Master Boot Record, or MBR). On these partition tables, the following commands are available:

boot’ (boolean)

When enabled, this makes the selected partition be the active (bootable) partition on its disk, clearing the active flag on all other partitions. This command is limited to primary partitions.

type’ (value)

Change the type of an existing partition. The value must be a number in the range 0-0xFF (prefix with ‘0x’ to enter it in hexadecimal).

hidden’ (boolean)

When enabled, this hides the selected partition by setting the hidden bit in its partition type code; when disabled, unhides the selected partition by clearing this bit. This is useful only when booting DOS or Windows and multiple primary FAT partitions exist in one disk. See also DOS/Windows.