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17.4.65 search

Command: search [--file|--label|--fs-uuid] [--set [var]] [--no-floppy|--efidisk-only] name

Search devices by file (-f, --file), filesystem label (-l, --label), or filesystem UUID (-u, --fs-uuid).

If the (-s, --set) option is used, the first device found is set as the value of environment variable var. The default variable is ‘root’.

The (-n, --no-floppy) option prevents searching floppy devices, which can be slow.

The (--efidisk-only) option prevents searching any other devices then EFI disks. This is typically used when chainloading to local EFI partition.

The ‘search.file’, ‘search.fs_label’, and ‘search.fs_uuid’ commands are aliases for ‘search --file’, ‘search --label’, and ‘search --fs-uuid’ respectively.

Also hints as to which device may be the most likely to contain the item searched for may be given via the (-h, --hint) option with a device name as an argument. If the argument ends with a comma, then partitions on the device are also searched. Furthermore, platform specific hints may be given via the options --hint-ieee1275, --hint-bios, --hint-baremetal, --hint-efi, and --hint-arc. When specified, these options take an argument and operate like --hint, but only on the specified platform.