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17.4.72 smbios

Command: smbios [--type type] [--handle handle] [--match match] (--get-byte | --get-word | --get-dword | --get-qword | --get-string | --get-uuid) offset [--set variable]

Retrieve SMBIOS information.

The smbios command returns the value of a field in an SMBIOS structure. The following options determine which structure to select.

The remaining options determine which field in the selected SMBIOS structure to return. Only one of these options may be specified at a time.

The default action is to print the value of the requested field to the console, but a variable name can be specified with --set to store the value instead of printing it.

For example, this will store and then display the system manufacturer’s name.

smbios --type 1 --get-string 4 --set system_manufacturer
echo $system_manufacturer

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