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17.3.4 terminfo

Command: terminfo [-a|-u|-v] [-g WxH] [term] [type]

Define the capabilities of your terminal by giving the name of an entry in the terminfo database, which should correspond roughly to a ‘TERM’ environment variable in Unix.

The currently available terminal types are ‘vt100’, ‘vt100-color’, ‘ieee1275’, and ‘dumb’. If you need other terminal types, please contact us to discuss the best way to include support for these in GRUB.

The -a (--ascii), -u (--utf8), and -v (--visual-utf8) options control how non-ASCII text is displayed. -a specifies an ASCII-only terminal; -u specifies logically-ordered UTF-8; and -v specifies "visually-ordered UTF-8" (in other words, arranged such that a terminal emulator without bidirectional text support will display right-to-left text in the proper order; this is not really proper UTF-8, but a workaround).

The -g (--geometry) can be used to specify terminal geometry.

If no option or terminal type is specified, the current terminal type is printed.