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13.2.2 color

— Command: color normal [highlight]

Change the menu colors. The color normal is used for most lines in the menu (see Menu interface), and the color highlight is used to highlight the line where the cursor points. If you omit highlight, then the inverted color of normal is used for the highlighted line. The format of a color is foreground/background. foreground and background are symbolic color names. A symbolic color name must be one of these:

But only the first eight names can be used for background. You can prefix blink- to foreground if you want a blinking foreground color.

This command can be used in the configuration file and on the command line, so you may write something like this in your configuration file:

          # Set default colors.
          color light-gray/blue black/light-gray
          # Change the colors.
          title OS-BS like
          color magenta/blue black/magenta