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13.2.13 setkey

— Command: setkey [to_key from_key]

Change the keyboard map. The key from_key is mapped to the key to_key. If no argument is specified, reset key mappings. Note that this command does not exchange the keys. If you want to exchange the keys, run this command again with the arguments exchanged, like this:

          grub> setkey capslock control
          grub> setkey control capslock

A key must be an alphabet letter, a digit, or one of these symbols: `escape', `exclam', `at', `numbersign', `dollar', `percent', `caret', `ampersand', `asterisk', `parenleft', `parenright', `minus', `underscore', `equal', `plus', `backspace', `tab', `bracketleft', `braceleft', `bracketright', `braceright', `enter', `control', `semicolon', `colon', `quote', `doublequote', `backquote', `tilde', `shift', `backslash', `bar', `comma', `less', `period', `greater', `slash', `question', `alt', `space', `capslock', `FX' (`X' is a digit), and `delete'. This table describes to which character each of the symbols corresponds:

` '