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7.19.6 Incomplete Beta Function

Function: double gsl_sf_beta_inc (double a, double b, double x)
Function: int gsl_sf_beta_inc_e (double a, double b, double x, gsl_sf_result * result)

These routines compute the normalized incomplete Beta function I_x(a,b)=B_x(a,b)/B(a,b) where B_x(a,b) = \int_0^x t^{a-1} (1-t)^{b-1} dt for 0 <= x <= 1. For a > 0, b > 0 the value is computed using a continued fraction expansion. For all other values it is computed using the relation I_x(a,b,x) = (1/a) x^a 2F1(a,1-b,a+1,x)/B(a,b).