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A.2.1 Metadata variables

This section consists of variable declarations that describe the package itself. The following variables should be present:

Variable nameDescription
NAMEThis is the common-language, official name of the package. It may contain multiple words and any character. Example: “GNU Source-highlight”
GARNAMEThis is the internal GSRC name of the package. It should match the name of the directory containing the package and, by convention, for GNU packages it is the name of the package’s HTTP subdirectory on It should consist of only lower case letters, numbers, hyphens or underscores. Example: “src-highlite”
UPSTREAMNAME[optional] If the package maintainers ever use a different name for the package, for example a different spelling or capitalization, include it here. This is often useful in specifying URLs or package arcive names. Example: “source-highlight”
GARVERSIONThis is the current version number of the package. Example: “3.1.7”
DISTNAME[optional] This variable contains the distribution name of the package. This variable is automatically constructed and by default it is $(GARNAME)-$(GARVERSION). Example: “src-highlite-3.1.7”
HOME_URLThis is the home URL of the package, where a user might find more information about it. Example: “”
DESCRIPTIONThis variable should have a short, one-line description of the package.
BLURB[optional] This should contain a longer, multi-line description of the package. To achieve this, its value needs to be declared using the Make define statement.