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Procedure Index

This is an alphabetical list of all the procedures, methods and macros in Guile-CV.

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im-=?: Image Structure and Accessors
im-add: Processing
im-add: Processing
im-add-channel: Processing
im-add-channel: Processing
im-and: Processing
im-binary?: Image Structure and Accessors
im-canny: Segmentation
im-canny-channel: Segmentation
im-channel: Image Structure and Accessors
im-channel-offset: Image Structure and Accessors
im-channel-ref: Image Structure and Accessors
im-channel-set!: Image Structure and Accessors
im-channels: Image Structure and Accessors
im-close: Morphology
im-close-channel: Morphology
im-collect: Image Structure and Accessors
im-complement: Processing
im-compose: Utilities
im-compose-channels: Utilities
im-copy: Image Structure and Accessors
im-copy-channel: Image Structure and Accessors
im-crop: Processing
im-crop-channel: Processing
im-crop-size: Processing
im-delineate: Morphology
im-delineate-channel: Morphology
im-disc-dilate: Morphology
im-disc-dilate-channel: Morphology
im-disc-erode: Morphology
im-disc-erode-channel: Morphology
im-display: Utilities
im-display-channel: Utilities
im-distance-map: Morphology
im-distance-map-channel: Morphology
im-divide: Processing
im-divide: Processing
im-divide-channel: Processing
im-divide-channel: Processing
im-fast-channel-offset: Image Structure and Accessors
im-fast-channel-ref: Image Structure and Accessors
im-fast-channel-set!: Image Structure and Accessors
im-fast-ref: Image Structure and Accessors
im-fast-set!: Image Structure and Accessors
im-features: Features
im-fill: Morphology
im-fill-channel: Morphology
im-flip: Processing
im-flip-channel: Processing
im-gaussian-blur: Filters
im-gaussian-blur-channel: Filters
im-gaussian-gradient: Filters
im-gaussian-gradient-channel: Filters
im-gray?: Image Structure and Accessors
im-gray?: Import Export
im-height: Image Structure and Accessors
im-height: Import Export
im-histogram: Utilities
im-image?: Image Structure and Accessors
im-inverse: Processing
im-inverse-channel: Processing
im-label: Segmentation
im-label-all: Segmentation
im-label-all-channel: Segmentation
im-label-channel: Segmentation
im-list=?: Image Structure and Accessors
im-load: Import Export
im-make: Image Structure and Accessors
im-make-channel: Image Structure and Accessors
im-make-channels: Image Structure and Accessors
im-map: Processing
im-map-channel: Processing
im-max: Processing
im-max-channel: Processing
im-min: Processing
im-min-channel: Processing
im-multiply: Processing
im-multiply: Processing
im-multiply-channel: Processing
im-multiply-channel: Processing
im-n-channel: Image Structure and Accessors
im-n-channel: Import Export
im-normalize: Processing
im-normalize-channel: Processing
im-open: Morphology
im-open-channel: Morphology
im-or: Processing
im-padd: Processing
im-padd-channel: Processing
im-padd-size: Processing
im-particle-clean: Processing
im-particles: Processing
im-range: Processing
im-range-channel: Processing
im-reduce: Processing
im-reduce-channel: Processing
im-ref: Image Structure and Accessors
im-resize: Processing
im-resize-channel: Processing
im-rgb->gray: Processing
im-rgb?: Image Structure and Accessors
im-rgb?: Import Export
im-rgba->gray: Processing
im-rgba->rgb: Processing
im-rotate: Processing
im-rotate-channel: Processing
im-save: Import Export
im-scrap: Processing
im-set!: Image Structure and Accessors
im-show: Utilities
im-show: Utilities
im-show: Utilities
im-size: Image Structure and Accessors
im-size: Import Export
im-subtract: Processing
im-subtract: Processing
im-subtract-channel: Processing
im-subtract-channel: Processing
im-threshold: Processing
im-transpose: Processing
im-transpose-channel: Processing
im-width: Image Structure and Accessors
im-width: Import Export
im-xor: Processing

re-export-public-interface: Modules

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