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3 ClutterX11TexturePixmap

A texture which displays the content of an X Pixmap.

3.1 Overview

<clutter-x11-texture-pixmap> is a class for displaying the content of an X Pixmap as a ClutterActor. Used together with the X Composite extension, it allows to display the content of X Windows inside Clutter.

The class uses the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap OpenGL extension ( if available

3.2 Usage

— Function: clutter-x11-texture-pixmap-new ⇒  (ret <clutter-actor>)

Creates a new <clutter-x11-texture-pixmap> which can be used to display the contents of an X11 Pixmap inside a Clutter scene graph

A new <clutter-x11-texture-pixmap>

Since 0.8