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28 ClutterDesaturateEffect

A desaturation effect

28.1 Overview

<clutter-desaturate-effect> is a sub-class of <clutter-effect> that desaturates the color of an actor and its contents. The strenght of the desaturation effect is controllable and animatable through the <"factor"> property.

<clutter-desaturate-effect> is available since Clutter 1.4

28.2 Usage

— Function: clutter-desaturate-effect-new (factor double) ⇒  (ret <clutter-effect>)

Creates a new <clutter-desaturate-effect> to be used with clutter-actor-add-effect

the desaturation factor, between 0.0 and 1.0
the newly created <clutter-desaturate-effect> or ‘#f

Since 1.4