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31 ClutterDropAction

An action for drop targets

31.1 Overview

<clutter-drop-action> is a <clutter-action> that allows a <clutter-actor> implementation to control what happens when an actor dragged using a <clutter-drag-action> crosses the target area or when a dragged actor is released (or "dropped") on the target area.

A trivial use of <clutter-drop-action> consists in connecting to the <"drop"> signal and handling the drop from there, for instance:

       ClutterAction *action = clutter_drop_action ();
       g_signal_connect (action, "drop", G_CALLBACK (on_drop), NULL);
       clutter_actor_add_action (an_actor, action);

The <"can-drop"> can be used to control whether the <"drop"> signal is going to be emitted; returning ‘#f’ from a handler connected to the <"can-drop"> signal will cause the <"drop"> signal to be skipped when the input device button is released.


It's important to note that <clutter-drop-action> will only work with actors dragged using <clutter-drag-action>.

<clutter-drop-action> is available since Clutter 1.8

31.2 Usage

— Function: clutter-drop-action-new ⇒  (ret <clutter-action>)

Creates a new <clutter-drop-action>.

Use clutter-actor-add-action to add the action to a <clutter-actor>.

the newly created <clutter-drop-action>

Since 1.8