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46 ClutterModelIter

Iterates through a model

46.1 Overview

<clutter-model-iter> is an object used for iterating through all the rows of a <clutter-model>. It allows setting and getting values on the row which is currently pointing at.

A <clutter-model-iter> represents a position between two elements of the sequence. For example, the iterator returned by clutter-model-get-first-iter represents the gap immediately before the first row of the <clutter-model>, and the iterator returned by clutter-model-get-last-iter represents the gap immediately after the last row.

A <clutter-model-iter> can only be created by a <clutter-model> implementation and it is valid as long as the model does not change.

<clutter-model-iter> is available since Clutter 0.6

46.2 Usage