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50 ClutterPaintNode

Paint objects

50.1 Overview

<clutter-paint-node> is an element in the render graph.

The render graph contains all the elements that need to be painted by Clutter when submitting a frame to the graphics system.

The render graph is distinct from the scene graph: the scene graph is composed by actors, which can be visible or invisible; the scene graph elements also respond to events. The render graph, instead, is only composed by nodes that will be painted.

Each <clutter-actor> can submit multiple <clutter-paint-node>s to the render graph.

50.2 Usage

— Function: clutter-paint-node-set-name (self <clutter-paint-node>) (name mchars)
— Method: set-name

Sets a user-readable name for node.

The name will be used for debugging purposes.

The node will copy the passed string.

a <clutter-paint-node>
a string annotating the node

Since 1.10

— Function: clutter-paint-node-add-child (self <clutter-paint-node>) (child <clutter-paint-node>)
— Method: add-child

Adds child to the list of children of node.

This function will acquire a reference on child.

a <clutter-paint-node>
the child <clutter-paint-node> to add

Since 1.10

— Function: clutter-paint-node-add-rectangle (self <clutter-paint-node>) (rect <clutter-actor-box>)
— Method: add-rectangle

Adds a rectangle region to the node, as described by the passed rect.

a <clutter-paint-node>
a <clutter-actor-box>

Since 1.10