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57 ClutterSettings

Settings configuration

57.1 Overview

Clutter depends on some settings to perform operations like detecting multiple button press events, or font options to render text.

Usually, Clutter will strive to use the platform's settings in order to be as much integrated as possible. It is, however, possible to change these settings on a per-application basis, by using the <clutter-settings> singleton object and setting its properties. It is also possible, for toolkit developers, to retrieve the settings from the <clutter-settings> properties when implementing new UI elements, for instance the default font name.

<clutter-settings> is available since Clutter 1.4

57.2 Usage

— Function: clutter-settings-get-default ⇒  (ret <clutter-settings>)

Retrieves the singleton instance of <clutter-settings>

the instance of <clutter-settings>. The returned object is owned by Clutter and it should not be unreferenced directly.

Since 1.4