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34 Features

Run-time detection of Clutter features

34.1 Overview

Parts of Clutter depend on the underlying platform, including the capabilities of the backend used and the OpenGL features exposed through the Clutter and COGL API.

It is possible to ask whether Clutter has support for specific features at run-time.

See also cogl-get-features and <cogl-feature-flags>

34.2 Usage

— Function: clutter-feature-available (feature <clutter-feature-flags>) ⇒  (ret bool)

Checks whether feature is available. feature can be a logical OR of <clutter-feature-flags>.

a <clutter-feature-flags>
#t’ if a feature is available

Since 0.1.1

— Function: clutter-feature-get-all ⇒  (ret <clutter-feature-flags>)

Returns all the supported features.

a logical OR of all the supported features.

Since 0.1.1