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73 Versioning Macros

Versioning utility macros

73.1 Overview

Clutter offers a set of macros for checking the version of the library at compile time; it also provides a function to perform the same check at run time.

Clutter adds version information to both API deprecations and additions; by definining the macros ‘CLUTTER_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED’ and ‘CLUTTER_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED’, you can specify the range of Clutter versions whose API you want to use. Functions that were deprecated before, or introduced after, this range will trigger compiler warnings. For instance, if we define the following symbols:


and we have the following functions annotated in the Clutter headers:

       void clutter_function_A (void) CLUTTER_DEPRECATED_IN_1_4;
       void clutter_function_B (void) CLUTTER_DEPRECATED_IN_1_6;
       void clutter_function_C (void) CLUTTER_AVAILABLE_IN_1_8;
       void clutter_function_D (void) CLUTTER_AVAILABLE_IN_1_10;

then any application code using the functions above will get the output:

       clutter_function_A: deprecation warning
       clutter_function_B: no warning
       clutter_function_C: no warning
       clutter_function_D: symbol not available warning

It is possible to disable the compiler warnings by defining the macro ‘CLUTTER_DISABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS’ before including the clutter.h header.

73.2 Usage

— Function: clutter-check-version (major unsigned-int) (minor unsigned-int) (micro unsigned-int) ⇒  (ret bool)

Run-time version check, to check the version the Clutter library that an application is currently linked against

This is the run-time equivalent of the compile-time ‘CLUTTER_CHECK_VERSION’ pre-processor macro

major version, like 1 in 1.2.3
minor version, like 2 in 1.2.3
micro version, like 3 in 1.2.3
#t’ if the version of the Clutter library is greater than (major, minor, micro), and ‘#f’ otherwise

Since 1.2