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126 GtkBin

A container with just one child

126.1 Overview

The <gtk-bin> widget is a container with just one child. It is not very useful itself, but it is useful for deriving subclasses, since it provides common code needed for handling a single child widget.

Many GTK+ widgets are subclasses of <gtk-bin>, including <gtk-window>, <gtk-button>, <gtk-frame>, <gtk-handle-box>, and <gtk-scrolled-window>.

126.2 Usage

— Class: <gtk-bin>

Derives from <gtk-container>.

This class defines no direct slots.

— Function: gtk-bin-get-child (self <gtk-bin>) ⇒  (ret <gtk-widget>)
— Method: get-child

Gets the child of the <gtk-bin>, or ‘#f’ if the bin contains no child widget. The returned widget does not have a reference added, so you do not need to unref it.

a <gtk-bin>
pointer to child of the <gtk-bin>