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44 GtkCellEditable

Interface for widgets which can are used for editing cells

44.1 Overview

The <gtk-cell-editable> interface must be implemented for widgets to be usable when editing the contents of a <gtk-tree-view> cell.

44.2 Usage

— Class: <gtk-cell-editable>

Derives from <ginterface>.

This class defines no direct slots.

— Signal on <gtk-cell-editable>: editing-done
— Signal on <gtk-cell-editable>: remove-widget
— Function: gtk-cell-editable-start-editing (self <gtk-cell-editable>) (event <gdk-event>)
— Method: start-editing

Begins editing on a cell-editable. event is the <gdk-event> that began the editing process. It may be ‘#f’, in the instance that editing was initiated through programatic means.

A <gtk-cell-editable>
A <gdk-event>, or ‘#f
— Function: gtk-cell-editable-editing-done (self <gtk-cell-editable>)
— Method: editing-done

Emits the "editing_done" signal. This signal is a sign for the cell renderer to update its value from the cell.

A <gtk-tree-editable>
— Function: gtk-cell-editable-remove-widget (self <gtk-cell-editable>)
— Method: remove-widget

Emits the "remove_widget" signal. This signal is meant to indicate that the cell is finished editing, and the widget may now be destroyed.

A <gtk-tree-editable>