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49 GtkCellRendererSpin

Renders a spin button in a cell

49.1 Overview

<gtk-cell-renderer-spin> renders text in a cell like <gtk-cell-renderer-text> from which it is derived. But while <gtk-cell-renderer-text> offers a simple entry to edit the text, <gtk-cell-renderer-spin> offers a <gtk-spin-button> widget. Of course, that means that the text has to be parseable as a floating point number.

The range of the spinbutton is taken from the adjustment property of the cell renderer, which can be set explicitly or mapped to a column in the tree model, like all properties of cell renders. <gtk-cell-renderer-spin> also has properties for the climb rate and the number of digits to display. Other <gtk-spin-button> properties can be set in a handler for the start-editing signal.

The <gtk-cell-renderer-spin> cell renderer was added in GTK+ 2.10.

49.2 Usage

— Class: <gtk-cell-renderer-spin>

Derives from <gtk-cell-renderer-text>.

This class defines the following slots:

The adjustment that holds the value of the spinbutton.
The acceleration rate when you hold down a button
The number of decimal places to display
— Function: gtk-cell-renderer-spin-new ⇒  (ret <gtk-cell-renderer>)

Creates a new <gtk-cell-renderer-spin>.

a new <gtk-cell-renderer-spin>

Since 2.10