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16 GtkCheckButton

Create widgets with a discrete toggle button

16.1 Overview

A <gtk-check-button> places a discrete <gtk-toggle-button> next to a widget, (usually a <gtk-label>). See the section on <gtk-toggle-button> widgets for more information about toggle/check buttons.

The important signal ('toggled') is also inherited from <gtk-toggle-button>.

16.2 Usage

— Class: <gtk-check-button>

Derives from <gtk-toggle-button>.

This class defines no direct slots.

— Function: gtk-check-button-new ⇒  (ret <gtk-widget>)

Creates a new <gtk-check-button>.

a <gtk-widget>.
— Function: gtk-check-button-new-with-label (label mchars) ⇒  (ret <gtk-widget>)

Creates a new <gtk-check-button> with a <gtk-label> to the right of it.

the text for the check button.
a <gtk-widget>.
— Function: gtk-check-button-new-with-mnemonic (label mchars) ⇒  (ret <gtk-widget>)

Creates a new <gtk-check-button> containing a label. The label will be created using gtk-label-new-with-mnemonic, so underscores in label indicate the mnemonic for the check button.

The text of the button, with an underscore in front of the mnemonic character
a new <gtk-check-button>