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94 GtkHButtonBox

A container for arranging buttons horizontally

94.1 Overview

A button box should be used to provide a consistent layout of buttons throughout your application. The layout/spacing can be altered by the programmer, or if desired, by the user to alter the 'feel' of a program to a small degree.

A <gtk-hbutton-box> is created with gtk-hbutton-box-new. Buttons are packed into a button box the same way widgets are added to any other container, using gtk-container-add. You can also use gtk-box-pack-start or gtk-box-pack-end, but for button boxes both these functions work just like gtk-container-add, ie., they pack the button in a way that depends on the current layout style and on whether the button has had gtk-button-box-set-child-secondary called on it.

The spacing between buttons can be set with gtk-box-set-spacing. The arrangement and layout of the buttons can be changed with gtk-button-box-set-layout.

94.2 Usage

— Class: <gtk-hbutton-box>

Derives from <gtk-button-box>.

This class defines no direct slots.

— Function: gtk-hbutton-box-new ⇒  (ret <gtk-widget>)

Creates a new horizontal button box.

a new button box <gtk-widget>.