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1 Overview

The GTK+ wrapper for Guile is a part of Guile-GNOME. It's a good idea to read the (gnome gobject) documentation first. See Contents.

1.1 Example usage

The following code can be found in the file gtk/examples/hello.scm in your distribution.

     (use-modules (oop goops) (gnome gobject) (gnome gtk))
     ;; define the app as a function -- there are many other ways to do
     ;; this, of course...
     (define (hello)
       ;; every widget has a class. here we define a window and a button.
       (let* ((window (make <gtk-window> #:type 'toplevel))
     	 (button (make <gtk-button> #:label "Hello, World!")))
         (gtk-container-set-border-width window 10)
         (gtk-container-add window button)
         ;; of course you can attach a lambda to a signal :-)
         (gtype-instance-signal-connect button 'clicked
                                        (lambda (b) (gtk-main-quit)))
         (gtk-widget-show-all window)
         ;; this will block until gtk-main-quit is called...
     ;; meaning this blocks until the button is clicked.

1.2 hello world, improved

There's something about this that resembles programming in C a little bit too much. In Python, you can just do window.add(button). That's a lot less typing. In GOOPS, the object framework for Guile, methods are implemented a bit differently – See (gnome gobject generics). If we use the GOOPS methods, hello-generics.scm looks a bit different:

     (use-modules (oop goops) (gnome gobject) (gnome gtk)
                  (gnome gobject utils))
     (define (hello)
       (let* ((window (make <gtk-window> #:type 'toplevel))
     	 (button (make <gtk-button> #:label "Hello, World!")))
         ;; since window is a container, this generic maps onto the
         ;; function gtk-container-set-border-width
         (set-border-width window 10)
         ;; note that we can set the border width with a gobject property
         ;; as well:
         (gobject-set-property window 'border-width 15)
         ;; (gnome gobject generics), re-exported by (gnome gtk), defines a
         ;; generic `set' method for gobject-set-property, se we can also
         ;; do it like this:
         (set window 'border-width 20)
         ;; or, like this, using with-accessors from (gnome gobject utils):
         (with-accessors (border-width)
           (set! (border-width window) 20))
         ;; this is much less typing :-)
         (add window button)
         ;; see (gnome gobject generics) for a full list of gobject generic
         ;; functions
         (connect button 'clicked (lambda (b) (gtk-main-quit)))
         ;; generic functions for .defs apis are defined in the .defs files,
         ;; not manually
         (show-all window)