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1 Overview

(gnome glade) wraps the libglade interface XML interface definition library for Guile. It is a part of Guile-GNOME.

Glade files are XML descriptions of a GTK+ widget hierarchy. They are usually created with the Glade user interface editor. A simple example might look like this:

     (define xml-buf "<?xml version=\"1.0\" standalone=\"no\"?>
     <!DOCTYPE glade-interface SYSTEM \"\">
     <widget class=\"GtkWindow\" id=\"window1\">
       <property name=\"title\" translatable=\"yes\">window1</property>
         <widget class=\"GtkLabel\" id=\"label1\">
           <property name=\"label\" translatable=\"yes\">Hello world!</property>
     (define glade-xml (glade-xml-new-from-buffer xml-buf))
     (define main-window (get-widget glade-xml "window1"))
     (show-all main-window)
     (g-main-loop-run (g-main-loop-new))

Of course, in practice you are more likely to load the XML from a file; in that case you would use glade-xml-new.

Also interesting are the signal-connect and signal-autoconnect implementations; read on for more details.

See the documentation for (gnome gobject) for more information on Guile-GNOME.