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Procedure: set-menu-spacing! menu description rows cols
Procedure: menu-spacing menu

The procedure set-menu-spacing! sets the spacing information for the menu. The parameter description controls the number of spaces between an item name and an item description. It must not be larger than TABSIZE. The menu system puts in the middle of this spacing area the pad character. The remaining parts are filled with spaces. The parameter rows controls the number of rows that are used for an item. It must not be larger than 3. The menu system inserts the blank lines between item rows, these lines will contain the pad character in the appropriate positions. The parameter cols controls the number of blanks between columns of items. It must not be larger than TABSIZE. A value of 0 for all the spacing values resets them to the default, which is 1 for all of them.

set-menu-spacing! will return E_OK, E_POSTED if the menu is posted, or E_BAD_ARGUMENT if one of the spacing values is out of range.

The procedure menu-spacing returns the spacing info for the menu as a list of three elements: description, row, and column spacing