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5.5.5 Menu options

Procedure: set-menu-opts! menu options
Procedure: menu-opts-on! menu options
Procedure: menu-opts-off! menu options

The function set-menu-opts! sets all the given menu’s option bits (menu option bits may be logically-OR’ed together).

The function menu-opts-on turns on the given option bits, and leaves others alone.

The function menu-opts-off turns off the given option bits, and leaves others alone.

The following options are defined (all are on by default):


Only one item can be selected for this menu.


Display the item descriptions when the menu is posted.


Display the menu in row-major order.


Ignore the case when pattern-matching.


Move the cursor to within the item name while pattern-matching.


Don’t wrap around next-item and previous-item, requests to the other end of the menu.

The procedure will return E_OK, E_SYSTEM_ERROR, or E_POSTED if the menu is already posted.

Procedure: menu-opts

Returns the bitmask of the menu’s options.