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4.15.4 Playing with fields

Each form field is associated with lots of attributes. They can be manipulated to get the required effect. Fetching Size and Location of Field

The parameters we have given at the time of creation of a field can be retrieved with field-info.

(field-info field)

The procedure field-info takes a field and returns a list: height, width, top, left, offscreen, and number of buffers.

The location of the field can be moved to a different position with move-field, but, only if this field hasn’t become part of a form. (This function is thus mostly useless.)

(move-field field top left)

The justification to be done for the field can be fixed using the function set-field-just!

(set-field-just! field justification)

The justification mode value is the either NO_JUSTIFICATION, JUSTIFY_RIGHT, JUSTIFY_LEFT, or JUSTIFY_CENTER.

The procedure field-just returns the justification mode.