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5.2.10 Window background manipulation routines

Procedure: bkgdset! win ch

The bkgdset! routine manipulates the background of the named window. The window background is set to the rendered complex character ch. The attribute part of the ch is combined (logior’d) with all non-blank characters that are written into the window with addch. Both the character and attribute parts of the ch are combined with the blank characters. The background becomes a property of the character and moves with the character through any scrolling and insert/delete line/character operations.

To the extent possible on a particular terminal, the attribute part of the background is displayed as the graphic rendition of the character put on the screen.

The return value is undefined.

Procedure: bkgd win ch

The bkgd function sets the background property of the current or specified window and then applies this setting to every character position in that window: The rendition of every character on the screen is changed to the new background rendition. Wherever the former background character appears, it is changed to the new background character.

The return value is undefined.

Procedure: getbkgd win

The getbkgd function returns the given window’s current background rendered character.