Instrumentation Instructions

Instruction: instrument-entry x24__ n32:data
Instruction: instrument-loop x24__ n32:data

Increase execution counter for this function and potentially tier up to the next JIT level. data is an offset to a structure recording execution counts and the next-level JIT code corresponding to this function. The increment values are currently 30 for instrument-entry and 2 for instrument-loop.

instrument-entry will also run the apply hook, if VM hooks are enabled.

Instruction: handle-interrupts x24:_

Handle pending asynchronous interrupts (asyncs). See Asynchronous Interrupts. The compiler inserts handle-interrupts instructions before any call, return, or loop back-edge.

Instruction: return-from-interrupt x24:_

A special instruction to return from a call and also pop off the stack frame from the call. Used when returning from asynchronous interrupts.