Profile Commands

REPL Command: time exp

Time execution.

REPL Command: profile exp [#:hz hz=100] [#:count-calls? count-calls?=#f] [#:display-style display-style=list]

Profile execution of an expression. This command compiled exp and then runs it within the statprof profiler, passing all keyword options to the statprof procedure. For more on statprof and on the the options available to this command, See Statprof.

REPL Command: trace exp [#:width w] [#:max-indent i]

Trace execution.

By default, the trace will limit its width to the width of your terminal, or width if specified. Nested procedure invocations will be printed farther to the right, though if the width of the indentation passes the max-indent, the indentation is abbreviated.

These REPL commands can also be called as regular functions in scheme code on including the (ice-9 time) module.