6.12.5 Simple Textual Output

Guile exports a simple formatted output function, simple-format. For a more capable formatted output facility, See Formatted Output.

Scheme Procedure: simple-format destination message . args
C Function: scm_simple_format (destination, message, args)

Write message to destination, defaulting to the current output port. message can contain ~A and ~S escapes. When printed, the escapes are replaced with corresponding members of args: ~A formats using display and ~S formats using write. If destination is #t, then use the current output port, if destination is #f, then return a string containing the formatted text. Does not add a trailing newline.

Somewhat confusingly, Guile binds the format identifier to simple-format at startup. Once (ice-9 format) loads, it actually replaces the core format binding, so depending on whether you or a module you use has loaded (ice-9 format), you may be using the simple or the more capable version.