Note The Guix System Distribution (GuixSD) is beta software, which means it is not production-ready. But you can help!

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GNU Guix Documentation
You may also find more information about GNU Guix by running info guix.

Functional Package Management with Guix
A paper presented at the 2013 European Lisp Symposium (ELS), describes the rationale, design, and implementation of Guix's packaging API.

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Graphical log-in screenGNOME with Totem and EphiphanyXfce, IceCat, and EmacsVM started with 'guix system vm'Enlightenment, Inkscape, and Serbian text

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Growing Our Build Farm

November 10, 2016

We have received our new server for continuous builds of the GNU Guix system, and are putting the finishing touches on its installation. The machine is intended as…

GNU Guix and GuixSD 0.11.0 released

August 3, 2016

It is a pleasure to announce the new beta release of GNU Guix and GuixSD, version 0.11.0!The release comes with USB installation images to install the standalone GuixSD, and…

GuixSD system tests

June 28, 2016

From its inception, Guix has had a thorough test suite—something that’s not only reassuring, but also the thing that allows for fearless evolution of the code. That we didn’t…

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IRC Channel

Some Guix users and developers hang out on the #guix channel of the Freenode IRC network. (See channel logs).

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Use the bugs mailing list to report bugs. Please check whether the bug is already in the bug database.


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help-guix (archive)
Support for users of GNU Guix and the Guix System Distribution (GuixSD).

bug-guix (archive)
Bug reports for GNU Guix and the Guix System Distribution.

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