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.local, host name lookup: Name Service Switch

/bin/sh: Base Services
/usr/bin/env: Base Services

AArch64, bootloaders: Bootloader Configuration
access control list (ACL), for substitutes: Substitute Server Authorization
accounts: User Accounts
ACL (access control list), for substitutes: Substitute Server Authorization
actions, of Shepherd services: Shepherd Services
aliases, for email addresses: Mail Services
ALSA: Sound Services
Android distribution: Build Systems
Android NDK build system: Build Systems
application bundle: Invoking guix pack
archive: Invoking guix archive
ARM, bootloaders: Bootloader Configuration
attempt to use impure library, error message: Application Setup
authorized keys, SSH: Networking Services
authorizing, archives: Invoking guix archive
availability of substitutes: Invoking guix weather

backquote (quasiquote): Defining Packages
bag (low-level package representation): Build Systems
binfmt_misc: Virtualization Services
Bioconductor: Invoking guix import
BIOS boot, on Intel machines: Using the Configuration System
BIOS, bootloader: Bootloader Configuration
black list, of kernel modules: Initial RAM Disk
boot loader: Bootloader Configuration
boot menu: Bootloader Configuration
bootloader: Bootloader Configuration
bootstrap binaries: Bootstrapping
bootstrap binaries: Bootstrapping
bootstrapping: Bootstrapping
branching strategy: Submitting Patches
build code quoting: G-Expressions
build daemon: Introduction
build environment: Build Environment Setup
build environment: Invoking guix-daemon
build failures, debugging: Debugging Build Failures
build farm: Official Substitute Server
build hook: Daemon Offload Setup
build hook: Invoking guix-daemon
build logs, access: Additional Build Options
build logs, publication: Invoking guix publish
build phases: Build Systems
build system: Build Systems
build users: Build Environment Setup
bundle: Invoking guix pack
bundling: Submitting Patches

cache invalidation, nscd: Base Services
Cargo (Rust build system): Build Systems
cat-avatar-generator: Web Services
CD image format: Invoking guix system
Cgit service: Version Control Services
challenge: Invoking guix challenge
channels: Channels
channels, for personal packages: Channels
channels.scm, configuration file: Invoking guix pull
channels.scm, configuration file: Channels
chroot: Build Environment Setup
chroot: Invoking guix-daemon
Clojure (programming language): Build Systems
closure: Invoking guix gc
closure: Invoking guix size
closure: Invoking guix size
clusters, daemon setup: Invoking guix-daemon
clusters, daemon setup: The Store
code of conduct, of contributors: Contributing
code snippets: The Perfect Setup
coding style: Formatting Code
colliding packages in profiles: Invoking guix package
collisions, in a profile: Invoking guix package
comma (unquote): Defining Packages
composition of Guix revisions: Inferiors
configuration file for channels: Invoking guix pull
configuration file for channels: Channels
configuration of guix pull: Channels
Connman: Networking Services
container: Invoking guix environment
container: Invoking guix container
container, build environment: Invoking guix-daemon
continuous integration: Package Transformation Options
continuous integration: Continuous Integration
continuous integration, statistics: Invoking guix weather
contributor covenant: Contributing
copy, of store items, over SSH: Invoking guix copy
corruption, recovering from: Invoking guix gc
corruption, recovering from: Additional Build Options
CPAN: Invoking guix import
CPU frequency scaling with thermald: Power Management Services
CRAN: Invoking guix import
crate: Invoking guix import
Creating system images in various formats: Invoking guix system
cron: Scheduled Job Execution
cross compilation: G-Expressions
cross compilation, package dependencies: package Reference
cross-compilation: Invoking guix pack
cross-compilation: Defining Packages
cross-compilation: Additional Build Options
CTAN: Invoking guix import
customization, of packages: Introduction
customization, of packages: Package Modules
customization, of services: Using the Configuration System
CVE, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures: Invoking guix lint

daemon: Setting Up the Daemon
daemon, cluster setup: Invoking guix-daemon
daemon, cluster setup: The Store
daemon, remote access: Invoking guix-daemon
daemon, remote access: The Store
daemons: Service Composition
DAG: Invoking guix graph
darkstat: Monitoring Services
database: Database Services
ddclient: DNS Services
debugging files: Installing Debugging Files
deduplication: Invoking guix-daemon
deduplication: Invoking guix gc
dependency tree rewriting: Defining Packages
derivation: Invoking guix gc
derivation: Programming Interface
derivation path: Derivations
derivations: Derivations
determinism, checking: Additional Build Options
determinism, of build processes: Submitting Patches
development environments: Invoking guix environment
device mapping: Mapped Devices
DHCP: Preparing for Installation
DHCP, networking service: Networking Services
dictionary: Miscellaneous Services
digital signatures: Substitute Authentication
directories related to foreign distro: Installation
disk encryption: Mapped Devices
disk space: Invoking guix gc
DNS (domain name system): DNS Services
Docker, build an image with guix pack: Invoking guix pack
documentation: Packages with Multiple Outputs
documentation, searching for: Documentation
domain name system (DNS): DNS Services
downloading Guix binary: Binary Installation
downloading package sources: Invoking guix download
dual boot: Bootloader Configuration
DVD image format: Invoking guix system

EFI boot: Using the Configuration System
EFI, bootloader: Bootloader Configuration
EFI, installation: Preparing for Installation
elpa: Invoking guix import
emacs: Application Setup
email: Mail Services
email aliases: Mail Services
emulation: Virtualization Services
encrypted disk: Preparing for Installation
encrypted disk: Using the Configuration System
env, in /usr/bin: Base Services
environment, package build environment: Invoking guix environment
ESP, EFI system partition: Preparing for Installation
exporting store items: Invoking guix archive
extending the package collection (channels): Channels
extensibility of the distribution: Introduction
extensions, for gexps: G-Expressions

fastcgi: Web Services
fc-cache: Application Setup
fcgiwrap: Web Services
file-like objects: G-Expressions
fingerprint: Miscellaneous Services
firmware: operating-system Reference
fixed-output derivations: Derivations
font cache: Application Setup
fonts: Application Setup
fonts: Fonts
foreign distro: Installation
foreign distro: Application Setup
formatting code: Formatting Code
formatting, of code: Formatting Code
free software: Software Freedom
functional package management: Introduction

G-expression: G-Expressions
garbage collector: Invoking guix gc
garbage collector root, for environments: Invoking guix environment
garbage collector roots: Invoking guix-daemon
garbage collector roots: Invoking guix gc
garbage collector roots, adding: Additional Build Options
GC roots: Invoking guix-daemon
GC roots: Invoking guix gc
GC roots, adding: Additional Build Options
GCC: Application Setup
gem: Invoking guix import
generations: Invoking guix package
generations: Invoking guix package
generations: Invoking guix system
git send-email: Submitting Patches
Git, hosting: Version Control Services
Git, using the latest commit: Package Transformation Options
Git, web interface: Version Control Services
git-send-email: Submitting Patches
Gitolite service: Version Control Services
global security system: Network File System
GNU Build System: Defining Packages
gpm: Base Services
grafts: Security Updates
groups: User Accounts
groups: User Accounts
GSS: Network File System
GSSD: Network File System
guix archive: Invoking guix archive
guix build: Invoking guix build
guix challenge: Invoking guix challenge
guix container: Invoking guix container
guix download: Invoking guix download
guix edit: Invoking guix edit
guix environment: Invoking guix environment
guix graph: Invoking guix graph
guix hash: Invoking guix hash
guix lint: Invoking guix lint
guix publish: Invoking guix publish
guix pull: Invoking guix pull
guix pull, configuration file: Channels
guix refresh: Invoking guix refresh
guix size: Invoking guix size
Guix System Distribution: Introduction
Guix System Distribution: GNU Distribution
Guix System Distribution: System Installation
GuixSD: Introduction
GuixSD: GNU Distribution

hackage: Invoking guix import
hardware support on GuixSD: Hardware Considerations
hidden service: Networking Services
hosts file: operating-system Reference
hpcguix-web: Web Services
HTTP: Web Services
HTTP, HTTPS: Certificate Services
HTTPS, certificates: X.509 Certificates
hydra: Official Substitute Server

idmapd: Network File System
imported modules, for gexps: G-Expressions
importing packages: Invoking guix import
incompatibility, of locale data: Locales
indentation, of code: Formatting Code
inetd: Networking Services
inferior packages: Inferiors
inferior packages: Inferiors
inferiors: Inferiors
inferiors: Invoking guix repl
Info, documentation format: Documentation
init system: Shepherd Services
initial RAM disk: operating-system Reference
initial RAM disk: Initial RAM Disk
initial RAM disk: Initial RAM Disk
initrd: operating-system Reference
initrd: Initial RAM Disk
initrd: Initial RAM Disk
input rewriting: Defining Packages
inputs, for Python packages: Python Modules
inputs, of packages: package Reference
installation image: Building the Installation Image
installer script: Binary Installation
installing Guix: Installation
installing Guix from binaries: Binary Installation
installing GuixSD: System Installation
installing over SSH: Preparing for Installation
installing packages: Invoking guix package
integrity checking: Invoking guix gc
integrity, of the store: Invoking guix gc
invalid store items: The Store
Invoking guix import: Invoking guix import
iptables: Networking Services
IRC (Internet Relay Chat): Messaging Services
IRC gateway: Messaging Services
ISO-9660 format: Invoking guix system
isolation: Introduction

jabber: Messaging Services
jackd: Base Services
java: Java Packages
JSON: Invoking guix describe
JSON, import: Invoking guix import

Kerberos: Kerberos Services
keyboard: Base Services
keyboard layout: Preparing for Installation
keyboard layout: Base Services
keyboard layout: X Window
keymap: Base Services
keymap: X Window

latest commit, building: Package Transformation Options
ld-wrapper: Application Setup
legacy boot, on Intel machines: Using the Configuration System
Let’s Encrypt: Certificate Services
license, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
license, of packages: package Reference
lirc: Miscellaneous Services
locale: Locales
locale definition: Locales
locale name: Locales
locales, when not on GuixSD: Application Setup
log rotation: Log Rotation
logging: Base Services
logging: Log Rotation
login manager: X Window
login manager: X Window
lowering, of high-level objects in gexps: G-Expressions
lowering, of high-level objects in gexps: G-Expressions
LUKS: Mapped Devices

mail: Mail Services
mail transfer agent (MTA): Mail Services
man pages: Documentation
mandatory access control, SELinux: SELinux Support
manual pages: Documentation
mapped devices: Mapped Devices
mcron: Scheduled Job Execution
message of the day: Base Services
messaging: Messaging Services
ModemManager: Networking Services
module closure: G-Expressions
module, black-listing: Initial RAM Disk
monad: The Store Monad
monadic functions: The Store Monad
monadic values: The Store Monad
mouse: Base Services
mpd: Audio Services
MTA (mail transfer agent): Mail Services
multiple-output packages: Packages with Multiple Outputs
Murmur (VoIP server): Telephony Services

name mapper: Network File System
name service cache daemon: Base Services
name service caching daemon (nscd): Application Setup
name service switch: Name Service Switch
name service switch, glibc: Application Setup
nar, archive format: Invoking guix archive
Network information service (NIS): Application Setup
network management: Networking Services
NetworkManager: Networking Services
NFS: Network File System
NIS (Network information service): Application Setup
Nix, compatibility: Requirements
non-determinism, in package builds: Invoking guix challenge
normalized archive (nar): Invoking guix archive
normalized codeset in locale names: Locales
nscd: Base Services
nscd (name service caching daemon): Application Setup
nscd, cache invalidation: Base Services
NSS: Name Service Switch
NSS (name service switch), glibc: Application Setup
nss-certs: Application Setup
nss-certs: X.509 Certificates
nss-mdns: Name Service Switch
nsswitch.conf: Application Setup
NTP (Network Time Protocol), service: Networking Services

OCaml: Invoking guix import
official website: Installation
offload status: Daemon Offload Setup
offload test: Daemon Offload Setup
offloading: Daemon Offload Setup
OPAM: Invoking guix import
OpenNTPD: Networking Services
outputs: Packages with Multiple Outputs

pack: Invoking guix pack
package building: Invoking guix build
package conversion: Invoking guix import
package definition, editing: Invoking guix edit
package dependencies: Invoking guix gc
package dependencies: Invoking guix graph
package description: Synopses and Descriptions
package import: Invoking guix import
package installation: Invoking guix package
package module search path: Package Modules
package name: Package Naming
package outputs: Packages with Multiple Outputs
package removal: Invoking guix package
package size: Invoking guix size
package synopsis: Synopses and Descriptions
package transformations: Defining Packages
package variants: Package Transformation Options
package version: Version Numbers
package, checking for errors: Invoking guix lint
packages: Package Management
packages, creating: Packaging Guidelines
PAM: operating-system Reference
pam-krb5: Kerberos Services
patch series: Submitting Patches
patches: Defining Packages
pcscd: Miscellaneous Services
perl: Perl Modules
persistent environment: Invoking guix environment
personal packages (channels): Channels
php-fpm: Web Services
PID 1: Shepherd Services
pinning, channels: Channels
pipefs: Network File System
pluggable authentication modules: operating-system Reference
power management with TLP: Power Management Services
pre-built binaries: Substitutes
printer support with CUPS: Printing Services
priority: Base Services
profile: Invoking guix package
profile collisions: Invoking guix package
profile declaration: Invoking guix package
profile manifest: Invoking guix package
prometheus-node-exporter: Monitoring Services
propagated inputs: Invoking guix package
provenance tracking, of software artifacts: Features
pull: Invoking guix pull
PulseAudio, sound support: Sound Services
purpose: Introduction
pypi: Invoking guix import
python: Python Modules

QEMU: Running GuixSD in a VM
quote: Defining Packages
quoting: Defining Packages

read-eval-print loop: Running Guix Before It Is Installed
real time clock: Networking Services
realm, kerberos: Kerberos Services
realtime: Base Services
rebuild scheduling strategy: Submitting Patches
reducing boilerplate: The Perfect Setup
relocatable binaries, with guix pack: Invoking guix pack
remote access to the daemon: Invoking guix-daemon
remote access to the daemon: The Store
removing packages: Invoking guix package
repairing store items: Additional Build Options
repairing the store: Invoking guix gc
REPL: Running Guix Before It Is Installed
REPL, read-eval-print loop: Invoking guix repl
replacements of packages, for grafts: Security Updates
replicating Guix: Channels
replicating Guix: Invoking guix describe
replication, of software environments: Features
reproducibility: Features
reproducibility: Invoking guix describe
reproducibility, checking: Additional Build Options
reproducibility, of Guix: Channels
reproducible build environments: Invoking guix environment
reproducible builds: Invoking guix-daemon
reproducible builds: Features
reproducible builds: Substitute Authentication
reproducible builds: Invoking guix challenge
reproducible builds, checking: Submitting Patches
roll-back, of the operating system: Using the Configuration System
rolling back: Invoking guix package
rolling back: Invoking guix system
rottlog: Log Rotation
rpcbind: Network File System
rpc_pipefs: Network File System
Rust programming language: Build Systems
RYF, Respects Your Freedom: Hardware Considerations

scheduling jobs: Scheduled Job Execution
search paths: Invoking guix package
search paths: Invoking guix package
searching for documentation: Documentation
searching for packages: Invoking guix package
security: Substitute Server Authorization
security updates: Security Updates
security vulnerabilities: Invoking guix lint
security vulnerabilities: Security Updates
security, guix-daemon: SELinux Support
SELinux, daemon policy: SELinux Support
SELinux, limitations: SELinux Support
SELinux, policy installation: SELinux Support
service extensions: Service Composition
service type: Service Reference
service types: Service Composition
services: Using the Configuration System
services: Service Composition
session limits: Base Services
session types (X11): X Window
setuid programs: Setuid Programs
sh, in /bin: Base Services
sharing store items across machines: Invoking guix copy
shepherd services: Shepherd Services
signing, archives: Invoking guix archive
simple Clojure build system: Build Systems
Singularity, build an image with guix pack: Invoking guix pack
size: Invoking guix size
SMTP: Mail Services
software bundle: Invoking guix pack
sound support: Sound Services
spice: Miscellaneous Services
SQL: Database Services
SquashFS, build an image with guix pack: Invoking guix pack
SSH: Networking Services
SSH: Networking Services
SSH: Running GuixSD in a VM
SSH access to build daemons: The Store
SSH authorized keys: Networking Services
SSH server: Networking Services
SSH server: Networking Services
SSH server: Running GuixSD in a VM
SSH, copy of store items: Invoking guix copy
stackage: Invoking guix import
state directory: Requirements
state monad: The Store Monad
statistics, for substitutes: Invoking guix weather
store: Introduction
store: The Store
store items: The Store
store paths: The Store
strata of code: G-Expressions
substitute availability: Invoking guix weather
substituter: Packaging Guidelines
substitutes: Invoking guix-daemon
substitutes: Features
substitutes: Substitutes
substitutes, authorization thereof: Binary Installation
substitutes, authorization thereof: Substitute Server Authorization
substitutes, authorization thereof: Base Services
substitutes, how to disable: Substitute Server Authorization
sudoers file: operating-system Reference
swap devices: operating-system Reference
swap encryption: Mapped Devices
sysctl: Miscellaneous Services
syslog: Base Services
syslog: Base Services
system configuration: System Configuration
System images, creation in various formats: Invoking guix system
system service: Service Composition
system services: Services

templates: The Perfect Setup
test suite: Running the Test Suite
TeX Live: Invoking guix import
Texinfo markup, in package descriptions: Synopses and Descriptions
thermald: Power Management Services
tlp: Power Management Services
TLS: X.509 Certificates
TLS certificates: Certificate Services
Tor: Networking Services
transactions: Features
transactions: Invoking guix package
transactions, undoing: Invoking guix package
transferring store items across machines: Invoking guix copy
trust, of pre-built binaries: On Trusting Binaries

UEFI boot: Using the Configuration System
UEFI, bootloader: Bootloader Configuration
UEFI, installation: Preparing for Installation
ulimit: Base Services
undoing transactions: Invoking guix package
updating Guix: Invoking guix pull
upgrading Guix: Invoking guix pull
upgrading GuixSD: Proceeding with the Installation
upgrading packages: Invoking guix package
user accounts: User Accounts
user interfaces: Introduction
users: User Accounts

Varnish: Web Services
verifiable builds: Invoking guix challenge
version number, for VCS snapshots: Version Numbers
Vim, Scheme code editing: Formatting Code
virtual machine: Invoking guix system
virtual machine: Running GuixSD in a VM
virtual machine, GuixSD installation: Installing GuixSD in a VM
virtual private network (VPN): VPN Services
virtual private server (VPS): Installing GuixSD in a VM
VM: Invoking guix system
VoIP server: Telephony Services
VPN (virtual private network): VPN Services
VPS (virtual private server): Installing GuixSD in a VM

weather, substitute availability: Invoking guix weather
web: Web Services
Web: Certificate Services
wesnothd: Game Services
wicd: Networking Services
WiFi: Preparing for Installation
WiFi: Networking Services
WiFi, hardware support: Hardware Considerations
window manager: X Window
wireless: Preparing for Installation
wireless: Networking Services
WPA Supplicant: Networking Services
www: Web Services

X Window System: X Window
X.509 certificates: X.509 Certificates
X11: X Window
X11 login: X Window
X11 session types: X Window
xlsfonts: Application Setup
XMPP: Messaging Services
xterm: Application Setup

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